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Air Jordan 11 Retro Low ” Georgetown”

The Air Jordan 11 “Georgetown”draws from a multitude of inspirations. There is the last shot MJ hit on the Hoyas to give the Tar Heels their victory in the 1982 NCAA Championship. There is also the coming of age mo...


$399( Kinect less) Xbox one overpriced?

Sony and Microsoft revealed the prices of their consoles at this year’s E3; Sony priced the PS4 at $399 and Microsoft Priced the Xbox One at $499.  Since the prices have been revealed many gamers feel like Microsoft need...



There is a movement going on at NeoGAF to enlighten Sony on how gamers feel about the  blocking of used games next generation and the potential DRM issues. This movement has been spurred by the recent Xbox One reveal, wit...

heavenly sword screen 2

Heavenly Sword Review

In-depth technical review of Heavenly Sword, Surround Sound audio Impressions, Frame rate, and presentation. Trying to give a more granular look at Heavenly Sword that big site often omit or neglect.


PS3 games that should have been converted to PS4 launch games

The PlayStation brand has a plethora of games ranging from the obscure like, Journey to the well known titles like, the Uncharted series. And while Sony is usually good at arranging their releases, I feel a few of their games...


Gadgets that will give you the most out of your PlayStation 4.

With rampant speculation running amok on the web about the Sony’s PlayStation meeting, and how they may announce the PlayStation 4; We at Sony-Gamer.com want to take a look at a few Sony gadgets that will match the PS4 pe...


How the PS4’s controller is looking to improve gameplay

The PS4’s prototype controller has been leaked  and I will be looking at the controller with a critical eye to see how Sony has improved it for gamers. The analogue Sticks have been improved and are now sporting a concav...


Leaked pic of PlayStation 4 controller and Dev Kit

Someone has leaked a pic of the PlayStation 4’s new controller and Dev Kit to Destructoid. The picture below shows the oft rumored touchpad in the center of the controller, it looks to be similar to the PS Vita’s re...


Status update on The Last Guardian

Fumito Ueda has given an update on the status of The Last Guardian and apparently he is still involves with the project from a freelance position. Here is Ueda’s post in full 問い合わせが多いのでご報告 To All...


The Last of Us officially delayed

The Last of Us has been delayed from its original release date of May 7th until June 14. The only good news out of this delay is that it is a relatively small delay and that Naughty dog need the extra time to polish the game Ni...