Why Sony should strive to have the most powerful console Next generation

Posted September 15, 2012 by Shamarri Miller in Editorials

Many gamers and press like to blame Sony’s incessant need to have the most powerful console as the reason as to why they are in last place this generation . While that may be true I’d like to look at the other side of this coin and how Sony wanting to have the most powerful console could of possibly benefited the PS3. And could look to help the PS4 next generation if they strive for the most powerful console again.

Sony wanting the PS3 to be the most powerful console this generation lead to them creating the cell processor, including a Blu-ray drive, and having HDMI and HDD standard in every system. Having these components in the PS3 lead to the price of the PS3 being expensive at launch, $600. This lead to many gaming press sites saying that the PS3 was overprice and also priced the system out of many gamers’ reach.

And while that deterred many gamers , I also believe that it enticed many of them as well, to pick up a PS3 ,on not only launch, but later on down the line too. When the PS3  finally became reasonable in price at about $299 many people started to pick it up. With the software on the system starting to show its true graphical prowess over the Xbox 360 with the release of titles like Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2. I’m pretty sure that graphical difference swayed a few gamers to come to Sony’s side. Also the games justified Sony’s approach to having expensive hardware.

Then there’s the fact that having the PS3 be so powerful  allowed for certain upgrades to be possible such as the constant blu-ray updates ; like profile 1.1 back in the day, to being able to support 3d blu-ray playback. Also on the gaming side it allowed for the PS3 to be updated to do true stereoscopic gaming.

Alas there is one more negative to having such advanced tech in the PS3 and that was the foreign architecture, which still until this day curses many multiplatform games for the PS3. Recently it reared its ugly head again with the whole Skyrim fiasco, but if the PS Vita is any indication it seems Sony has taken the lesson to heart and made coding much easier.

But this foreign architecture also allowed the creation of beautiful games like The Last of Us and Beyond: Two souls. And it also allows PS3 exclusive to stand head and shoulders above the average 3rd party game and 360 exclusive.


So while there are negatives to what Sony did last generation with the PS3  I for one hope they adopt all the positives they did last generation, except for of course the foreign architecture. With this generation being one of the longest ever and next generation looking to be just as long I definitely want to have the most powerful system. Also I’d like my console to  be relevant as long as possible. And nobody ever stop to think where the PS3 might be if it launched the same date as the 360, because from what I can tell, the sells of both console when you align them are pretty much the same on a graph. Or nobody thinks where the PS3 would be if it followed Microsoft’s model.




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    no they shouldnt

    look where it got them this gen


      Good Job writing the article!i totally agree that the ps4 should be just as powerful as the ps3 was when it was lauched compared to the 360.and tanto fuck off.you re probably a just a cheap shitbox fanboy!


        someone is mad sony lost 2 gens in a row to MS, hopefully they come back though, the end of this gen sony wins hands down but since MS kicked ass the first 3/4 of the gen sony can’t catch up…
        the good news is, with all the PSN+ free games and exclusives, when next gen does start many people who only had xbox or wii might switch to PS4/orbis/whatever.


        Tanto could possibly be one of the plethora of gamers that cannot afford to drop a ton of cash on a console, and then still have to turn around and drop $60 bucks a pop on games.

        He could also be a Nintendo fanboy, no use throwing out fanboy claims unless you know for sure.

        personally I think that Sony is looking to have a console supported as much by streaming media as it is by hard copies. I doubt they will have the most powerful hardware this time around, instead they’ll look to invent a new way to play similar to how Nintendo seems to never be happy with a single control scheme.


        Thx Ame I’m just trying to look at things from a different perspective that I feel isn’t discussed enough.


    Or they could do the smart thing, not release a console and just say buy a pc


    they lost this gen because it took them way to long to get decent games and the launch price was terrible.
    Sony needs a few things to do well

    1. decent games sooner
    2. party chat
    3. better online

    the PS3 uses Cell processor ( which is terrible) which is why it was so expensive. the next PS will be less then $500, sony probably learned their lesson.
    PSN+ is great, hopefully that stays.

    Party chat is a given, PS3 can’t do it because sony only has lol 256MB or ram dedicated to OS functions and their ram layout is freaking garbage ( this is why skyrim sucks on PS3 btw)

    better online, this is going to be important, sony online sucked for a long time… but it got better, PSN home is great and many games work well now, but it is still years behind XBL speeds and service.

    Good luck sony, I have faith in you


    Yeah, what it got them this gen is LAST place and being the laughing stock of the industry because of a dumb architecture with slow speeds. Good luck!


    The PS3 was poorly designed, it was only just about stronger than the 360 by something like 1/6th of the CPU power, the GPU was a bit weaker and the split RAM was a poor choice. On top of that, Sony had poor dev support for the system due to them trying to re-invent the wheel by splitting the CPUs into SPUs.

    The only noticable advantage the machine boasts is blu ray, and that came at the cost of bandwith, it’s why the most demanding games require 30 minute-1 hour installs. Plus the entire downloading and patching process being painful and ridiculous. ALL this and they came last in marketshare.

    Sony made lots of mistakes this gen, financial and architectural, they said themselves they can’t afford to make another in-house console.
    Nintendo have already put out the Wii-U, MS are in the best position right now to create the strongest console.
    I want Sony to do well, and they probably will, but it’s very unlikely they will put out a stronger machine than MS.

    Jason C.

    Sony ALWAYS skimps on memory to cut costs. I have little faith in them changing course.


    Phony is finished next gen!

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