PS4 could have less 3rd party games than Xbox 720

Posted February 8, 2013 by Shamarri Miller in Editorials


It has recently been reported over by EDGE magazine that the next Xbox is rumored to block used games. When gamers purchase a game it will be tied down to just one system or user ID and can’t be resold. While this is anti-consumer, it may lead to Microsoft trumping the PS4 in the next generation.

Microsoft’s strategy will gain them a lot of support from 3rd party publishers because it will improve their bottom lines. 3rd Party Publisher like; EA, Activision, Ubisoft, and Capcom are all suredly championing Microsoft move to get rid of used games. And here’s why, 3rd Party Publishers believe that used games sales hurt the sales of new games and Publishers want to see some of that revenue directed back at them. While I agree used games sales may hurt 3rd Party Publishers bottom lines a bit, it is short sighted to think they don’t help also. Having worked at a video game retailer I can tell you that people also trade in older titles toward the purchase of new games. So this may lead to lesser sales of newer titles.

3rd party publishers will also likely reward the next Xbox with  exclusive or timed exclusive games to entice gamers to pick up the next Xbox over the PS4 in order to further their plans to get rid of the used games market. I can see Publishers trying to Dreamcast the PS4 by offering less support  and possibly trying to make the PS4 a stillborn at launch. And it makes sense why help out the PS4 if you can potentially make more money by getting behind the next Xbox and getting rid of the used games market? And we all know games are king and not having the biggest 3rd Party titles; like DMC, Call of Duty, and Battlefield on the PS4 will surely be a death nail in the proverbial coffin of the PlayStation brand. While it’s a gamble getting behind the next xbox’s potential strategy, I’m sure the potential for more profitd is too much for most Publishers to pass on.

Sony is betting on consumers choosing to choose the next PlayStation because it offers them the freedom to do what they want with their games. This will earn Sony a lot of good will from hardcore gamers and the Gaming enthusiast press. However, Sony will also have to hope that their install base is significantly larger than the next Xbox’s in order to get 3rd party publishers on board. And while I applaud Sony, I fear this is a battle they may lose. Betting on the consumer is for sure the more risky bet, as many will be tempted when their favorite games are releasing on the next Xbox and not the PS4. But whose to say, maybe consumers will get behind the PS4 in a big way and force publishers to make games for it, and keep the used games market alive too.

It appears the next generation of console will be interesting with Sony playing role of the Olde Guard and Microsoft trying to redefine the games market. Personally I’m torn in between the two, While I want 3rd Party Publishers to make money; because I hate seeing studios close left and right, just look at the recent closing of THQ for proof that the games market is rough, I also feel that used games have their place. Also I fear as a PlayStation gamer that the PS4 may become irrelevant outside of the need to play its 1st party games if 3rd Party Publishers role on Sony. Also consumer usually capitulate in the end look at the PC market for evidence or the fact that gamers still pay to access the online portions of their games on Xbox 360. All anti consumer acts that many pay for willingly.

 Well I’d like to know my fellow gamers thoughts below leave them in the comments section as I will be checking them periodically and would love to have a conversation with you all

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