What the specs of the PS4 and Xbox 720 say about their user experiences.

Posted February 9, 2013 by Shamarri Miller in Editorials

Recently there has been a ton of rumors hitting the internet about the hardware specs of both the PlayStation 4( Orbis) and the Xbox 720(Durango). And while both machines are being made by AMD and will sport similar specs, let’s take a look at the differences because that is where the true story lies,  and will tell us what each platform holder is focusing on.

The PlayStation 4 is sporting a slightly better graphics core than the Xbox 720 and has opted for less RAM 4GB vs the 720’s 8Gb of RAM, but the PS4 is using a higher quality of RAM GDDR5 Vs. the Xbox 720 GDDR3.  Now that we have gotten the differences out the way let’s look each platform holders offerings and see what they may potentially say.

It appears that the PlayStation 4 is going more a focus on games, allocating most of its strength to having better fidelity graphics then the Xbox 720. Sony is trying to get the performance advantage back with  3rd party developers and their multiplatform games, because this generation most multiplatform games performed better on the Xbox 360. Thanks in part, to Sony’s alien architecture and developers lack of interest in cracking it.

While an admirable approach, it may be all for naught. Having more processing power is a risky moves on Sony’s part because most developers just want to achieve parity between the different ports and put them out the door as to not upset the other platform holders. One only has to look at current state of 3rd party games on the Wii U. Despite it being better hardware,ports on the system often run the same and in rare instances worse than their PS3/360 counterparts; also look at the lack of developers who took advantage of Blu-ray drive inside the PS3. But, on the off-chance that developers do take advantage of the PS4’s extra processing abilities than it will be a great move by Sony. At the very least we know the latest 1st party games will.

Now if we look at the Xbox 720 its main advantage is in having more RAM. What more RAM will allow is probably better multitasking on the machine. I can imagine being able to play a game of Call of Duty while simultaneously having a four man video chat going on, say the far right side of the screen. Or how about the ability to play a single player game while having the strategy video pulled on Youtube in a Picture in Picture box? Yea that sounds great and is just a few of the things Microsoft may offer that will be cool. I definitely like Microsoft’s approach if that’s what they plan on doing

While the hardware for the next generation consoles is similar it appears that the user experiences on both will differ considerably. Sony going for better a better gameplay experience and Microsoft going for a better multitasking experience. I for one hope there is room for both approaches next generation as each has its pros.

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