Gadgets that will give you the most out of your PlayStation 4.

Posted February 19, 2013 by Shamarri Miller in A/V

With rampant speculation running amok on the web about the Sony’s PlayStation meeting, and how they may announce the PlayStation 4; We at want to take a look at a few Sony gadgets that will match the PS4 perfectly when it is released.

simulview-gamin-100001422-largeThe Sony Gadget at the top of our list is the Sony XBR-84X900. Reasons this TV tops our list are its 84 “freaking” inches of TV, I repeat 84 inches!! With a screen that large it is very easy to become immersed in whatever you’re doing on your PS4 whether it’s gaming, or watching the latest movies on Netflix. The 84X900 also supports 4K which is rumored to be a supported resolution of the PS4. While the PS4 will more than likely not support graphically intensive games in 4K resolution,We’re pretty confident things like; non-graphically intensive games, the UI of the System, web browser, and 4K movies, will all be rendered natively in 4k resolution.

The 84X900 also supports passive 3D, but with the resolution of the screen being 4K the 84X900 delivers full 1080p to each eye in 3D, which is a first for passive 3D TV’s; this is will mesh well with PS4; which is rumored to output 1080p 3D to each eye.

The most overlooked featured on this TV is SimulView, which may be a big feature for it, in the future, if Sony gives it more support. SimulView is a mode in games like; Motorstorm Apocalypse and GT5 that allows players to play multiplayer games and have separate views on the same screen,  by sending discrete signals to each pair of glasses. The PS4 will likely be able to improve SimulView with its increased processing abilities and be able to bump up SimulView’s resolution to 1080p per player, which is an increase over the sub-HD resolutions on the PS3

IMG_STR-DA5800ES_B_EU_F-1200Now that we’ve gotten video out-of-the-way let’s take a look at audio. Audio is sadly a very overlooked feature when it comes to gaming in general, one only need to look at reviews of games to see how greatly audio is under appreciated. But audio is definitely a feature that we recommend every gamer invest some money in to, as it will increase their experience of playing games and help further immerse them in to the game world.

The Sony gadget we have chosen for audio is the Sony STR-DA5800ES. The reason we have chosen this device is because it supports 9.2 audio; and while it hasn’t been revealed whether the PS4 will support 9.2 audio it is a safe bet, because the PS3 supports 7.1 audio, which shows precedence of Sony wanting to support the bleeding edge of audio formats.Sony-speakers

The 9.2 audio is really a game changer as it will add the height to the 7.1 surround set-ups currently available, this will further envelope players in the game world. Imagine the ability to hear an enemy Helghast shooting above you and you being able to pinpoint his location thanks to audio cues.

And to get the most out of the audio aspects of your PS4 and STR-DA 5800ES we recommend the latest line of Sony ES speakers which consists of the Sony SS-NA2ES, SS-NA5ES, SS-NA8ES & SA-NA9ES.  These speakers were built to extract quality audio with minimum distortion.

The last things we recommend is a bigger couch to get your friends in on the experience. We also recommend letting them play a bit, but ultimately karlstad-corner-sofa--__0124722_PE281646_S4make them get their own 🙂

While the equipment above is über expensive( The XBR-84X900 is $25,000!!) it’s guaranteed to get you the most out of your PlayStation 4 for probably the life of the system. Guess this is sort of a wish list for myself oh well one can dream.

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