Games that would get the PS4 off to an amazing launch

Posted September 17, 2012 by Shamarri Miller in Editorials

With the growing anticipation of the PS4, Orbis, or whatever Sony decide to name their next console, one thing is for certain, it will need amazing games to get it off the ground at launch. In the day and age where gamers have so many things fighting for their attention, iPad, Xbox 720, WiiU, PC games, and whatever else arises in the future. Sony needs to do something to entice gamers to choose their next system. And with the apparent death of the 3rd party exclusive it appears the burden of championing the PS4 over the competition falls squarely on the shoulders of Sony. And a stellar launch line up for a system, is very important to establishing a positive perception with the press and gamers alike. But, alas on to the games.

Heavenly Sword sequel.

Plausibility: A sequel to Heavenly sword seems very plausible for a PS4 launch. With Ninja Theory working on Devil May Cray reboot right now, they should be free to start producing a sequel to Heavenly Sword by the time the PS4 will launch

Reasons why it would rock at launch: Heavenly Sword has, Nariko as its lead character, which Im sure will entice many girl gamers. Also she still appeals to the men with her fiery red hair and long legs. And did I mention,” She kicks more ass than a 24 hour Bruce Lee movie marathon?”

The world of Heavenly sword was also very unique, the art style in that game definitely help set it apart beside who doesn’t want to see what visual theatrics Ninja theory can come up with using their tech on PlayStation 4? I for one do. The acting in Heavenly sword was very engaging, especially for a third person action adventure game, it has only has been rivaled by fellow Sony game God of War, but I’d argue that Heavenly sword as a whole is still better executed.

The last reason Heavenly Sword would rock is because Ninja theory as a studio has matured and are more seasoned. With the release of Enslaved: Odyssey to the West and with current experience gained from working on the Devil May Cry reboot under their belts, Ninja Theory are sure to have a slew of  gameplay improvements to bring to a Heavenly sword sequel.

Killzone 4

Plausibility: Killzone 4 is probably the most expected Playstation 4 launch game. With little known about what Guerrilla Games’ current projects are other than the release of Killzone for Vita. I find it highly unlikely that they aren’t working on their next big game and that it won’t be for PS4.

Reasons why it would rock at launch: Guerrilla games are master at pushing polygons and lighting with arguably one of the best looking games on PS3, many expect them to continue the trend of delivering a graphical ‘tour de force’ on PlayStation 4. Also it was a watershed moment not only for PS3 gamers but, also gaming as a whole when Killzone 2 was revealed on PS3, running in realtime.

Guerrilla have one of the more compelling online multiplayer modes. Warzone is an exceptional gameplay mode that I would love to see pushed further next generation. Also the added horsepower should allow Guerrilla Games to include true online co-op hopefully up to 4-6 players. Besides Sony is going to need a good multiplayer network game to satisfy gamers at launch.

Killzone 4 would also rock because of the universe it’s set in. There are a ton of unexplored story options. Can we please get a more fleshed out story of the Helghast side? And kill Rico already please. Just kidding sort of…

Uncharted 4

Plausibility: Now I know some of you may think, “Wait isn’t Naughty dog working on Last of Us? How can they possibly have Uncharted 4 ready by launch window?” Well if you all will remember it was reported that Naughty Dog had been split into two teams after the release of Uncharted 2. Here’s a story reported by IGN

Reasons why it would rock at launch: It’s a Naughty Dog production, nuff said. But seriously, I can’t think of a more iconic game to have to launch the PS4 than Uncharted 4. Naughty Dog are the preeminent developer of this generation, and are sure to deliver the goods.

The production and graphical wizardry of Naughty Dog are unparalleled. I mean let’s just try to imagine the awesomeness of Uncharted 4 running on the PS4? Amazing right? Besides we all know Naughty Dog will come up with some amazing gameplay set pieces like the Train level from Uncharted 2, or the Airplane and Boat levels from Uncharted 3.

Finally the cast of characters from the Uncharted series are very endearing. Whether its listening to Drake’s witty smart ass remarks or hearing Sully’s dirty sexual innuendos, one thing is for certain gamers love the characters in the Uncharted series.


Motorstorm sequel

Plausibility: Evolution studios have been deftly quiet on their latest project, with their last release, Motorstorm RC, being a PSN game its a given that the studio is hard at work on their next big game.

Reasons why it would rock at launch: The mayhem and carnage of a Motorstom race can be more fully realized on PS4 the added horsepower are sure to take special effects in Motorstorm like the debris,mud-slinging, explosions and particle effects, and physics to the next level.

Having a racer at launch is also pretty traditional move for a new Sony console. They are great graphical showpieces and are very accessible to the masses.

It will also be cool to see what kind of new gameplay mechanics Evolution Studios can come up with to spice up gameplay. The constantly changing stages due to environmental disaster kept the races fresh and fun in Motorstorm Apocalypse and I would like to see Evolution Studios take those ideas further.

InFamous! 3


Plausibility: Sucker Punch Studios has been really quiet after the release of InFamous! 2, only releasing Festival of Blood since. We all know they are up to something

Reasons why it would rock at launch: Sucker Punch Studios deliver quality games and it would be nice to see them take Cole into the next generation. Cole is definitely one of the more iconic characters Sony has created this generation.

It would be cool to see how the added horsepower of the PS4 will help Sucker Punch Studios create an all new city for us to game in. hopefully they can also make the environment and A.I. in the game more interactive.

InFamous! 3 would be a good fit for a launch game because past games in the series have been very time consuming. This is a good thing to provide for gamers who want a more meaty experience and will also help tide gamers over until the 2nd wave of games arrive on PS4

Metal Gear Solid 5

Plausibility: While the days of Third-Party exclusive are pretty much on terminal life support and Konami developing Fox engine for multiplatforms games, maybe just maybe Sony can get MGS5 exclusive or timed exclusive. Besides every PlayStation platform has had an exclusive Metal Gear game so maybe Konami will stick with tradition over profit.

Reasons why it would rock at launch:  Metal Gear Solid is one of those series that align with Sony’s mantra of delivering Hollywood style games. Seeing Kojima take his production Values to the next generation are sure to excite gamers, proof of this fact can be seen with the recently released Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes trailer.

It would be great to see Sony and Konami continue their relationship. While many companies have changed their past relationship with Sony and the industry in general constantly changing it would be nice to see some return to stability. And I support this bromance

The last reason it would be a way for Sony to agitate it’s rival Microsoft and would be a cap in the feather of Sony. Also MGS5 is one of the few games that could truly sway those debating picking up and Xbox 720 or PS4.

though,  I wouldn’t expect all these game to hit on launch day,as long as they make launch window  PS4 would be in great shape. We all know launch games are very important and are the things that excite us the most at the launch of a system. And while the games above are awesome what would you guys like to see launch with the PS4? Leave your comments below.







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    As much as I would love to have MGS5 as an exclusive, because Kojima would try to max out the console his team is working on, it wont happen. The Fox Engine is multiplatform, and they did so in order to bring MGS to every other console out there. That is also why the HD collecion is also multiplat, they want people without a PS console to experience the story and gameplay of the franchise, so when a new game is about to be released, they can jump in; like with MGS:GZ.

    Heavenly Sword 2, if developed, Ninja theory wont be making it. After the first game, Sony and NT end the relationship in not so good terms, so I doubt a lot that Sony would want them to do the sequel. But still, I think a sequel can be indeed in early stages of development, by another studio (maybe Ready at Dawn??), because of the appearance of Nariko in PSASBR.

    Another probable launch title would be a Media Molecule developed game 😀


    You give this any thought or just make it up as you go along? 🙂

    Heavenly Sword wasn’t a big commercial success, it would have gotten a sequel. Next Gen system won’t change that.


    It’s unbelievable how desperate you PS fanboys have become. Truly a pathetic sequel list. PS4 will launch a failure, just like the Vita and there is nothing Sony will be able to do about it.


    Heavenly Sword better than God of War? Fuck off.


    most of ps3 exclusives weren’t anywhere near as good as fanboys claimed 🙁 infamous and uncharterd are not needed. neither were really amazing. didn’t play the other ones… I still have to get killzone though.

    MGS5 would be good but ffs make it longer I beat MGS4 in like 3 days.
    a sequel to MAG would be good. a very under rated game.
    I would like a open world game like skyrim exclusive to the next ps console. skyrim is amazing, make your own sony.
    fat princess 2… fat princess is probably the best arcade game across all platforms, sequel please
    DUST 514 port. Dust 514 isn’t out yet but as an Eve player I am in the beta. It’s amazing. it needs to be on the next console.

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