PS3 games that should have been converted to PS4 launch games

Posted February 27, 2013 by Shamarri Miller in Editorials

The PlayStation brand has a plethora of games ranging from the obscure like, Journey to the well known titles like, the Uncharted series. And while Sony is usually good at arranging their releases, I feel a few of their games released in 2012 would have been better served if they had been made PS4 launch window games instead of being sent out to die released with little advertisement. The buzz around the PS4 launch would have given these games a much needed boost in sales and awareness.

Starhawk5The first and obvious choice is Starhawk, much like its predecessor Warhawk, Sony and Lightbox Interactive should’ve saved this game for launch. There is a ton on content provided in Starhawks deep multiplayer modes and would have been a good distraction during the inevitable lull after launch. Also the sales of Starhawk are abysmal at best, only reaching 600,000 in comparison to Warhawk’s lifetime-to-date sales of 1.2 million. This point is made even more sad with the PS3’s install base being near  65 million upon Starhawks release versus the paltry 10 million when Warhawk was released. The main culprit as to why this game didn’t sale is because the online multiplayer arena is crowded nowadays and this game couldn’t compete with blockbusters like Call of Duty and Battlefield, who control the majority of mind share when it comes to online gaming. However, launching this game in the PS4 launch window would likely entice hardcore gamers to try the game out as gamers are more willing to try a new IP (intellectual property) at the launch of a new console. Also this game would have had a better chance at establishing a community like Warhawk had.

Twisted-Metal-Review-Image-1The next choice would have to be Twisted Metal. This would have made an awesome PS4 launch games as it is apart of PlayStation’s heritage. Sony really missed an oppurtunity to reinvigorate this franchise imagine if this game was revealed at this year’s E3 and the impact it would of had. The added horse power of the PS4 also maybe could have afforded Eat Sleep Play the ability to bring back some of the on-the-couch multiplayer modes like 4player splitscreen or co-op campaign both online and off.





playstation-all-stars-battle-royale-vita-1PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale is another game that could of benefitted from the launch game treatment. It could of been a perfect way to let gamers get a sneak peak at their favorite characters running on the PS4 hardware. This games critical reception was also pretty good and during the launch period many hardcore gamers are willing to give games with  good critical reception a try.

Sony should have saved these games for the PS4 launch line up as they would of definitely benefitted from the hype surrounding the system. These games also could have helped with the perception of the PS4’s launch as they all were well recieved by critics and would have given the PS4 a positive vibe and the added development time could have been used to further flesh out ideas; and also to make sure these games were deeper experiences. We all know most launch games are light on content.

Well let us know some games you feel that could have benefitted from launching alongside the PS4.


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