$399( Kinect less) Xbox one overpriced?

Posted August 17, 2013 by Shamarri Miller in Editorials

Sony and Microsoft revealed the prices of their consoles at this year’s E3; Sony priced the PS4 at $399 and Microsoft Priced the Xbox One at $499.  Since the prices have been revealed many gamers feel like Microsoft need to lower the Price of the Xbox One by at least a $100 dollars and remove Kinect, in order to compete with the PS4 this holiday season. While these are fine requests it raises a questions or maybe I just see things differently. So I figured I’d voice my thoughts out on the situation.

Ok, So it has been revealed that the PS4 is a technically superior console in comparison to the Xbox one. PS4 has a better graphics chipset with 16 compute units Vs. 12 in the Xbox one. PS4 also packs in higher bandwidth system RAM, 8Gb of GDDR5 vs. 8Gb DDR3 RAM in the Xbox One. And the last spec PS4 beats Xbox One is in peak FLOPS with 1.84 TeraFLOPS/s vs 1.3 TeraFLOPS/s.

Now, that we have specs out of the way let’s say Microsoft does remove the Kinect and drops the price to $399. It’d be a great move, but is it really ok for them to demand the same amount of money as the PS4 if the Xbox One is inferior from a technical perspective? Too me that’s insane it’d be like a Chevy charging Corvette pricing on a Camaro. Just doesn’t seem right to allow Microsoft to charge more for less.

(Also as a side note since the core Xbox one is inferior it would appear Microsoft is charging more than $100 for Kinect)

I don’t know maybe I’m wrong. What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments



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