A few questions for Sony about their new PS3.

Posted September 19, 2012 by Shamarri Miller in News

Sony has finally revealed the oft rumored new PS3. This is one sexy beast and I’ll be sure to pick it up day one as my second PS3 mysteriously vanished after my sister visited. While it’s cool Sony is releasing a new PS3 model gamers still have a few nagging questions that need answering.

Here are a few important question:
  •  Is the HDD upgradable?
  • Why isn’t the U.S. getting the 12Gb flash model?
  • WIll the flash model have any effect on games, similar to installing a SSD drive?
  • Has the Blu-ray drive speed been increased?



Here is the Current pricing and models that will be released for those that have yet to be informed.

North America

  • 250GB – $269 (Uncharted 3/Dust 514 Bundle) – September 25th
  • 500GB – $299 – October 30th






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    N A are complaining about the price.
    Do you know how much cost a ps3 12 g in the uk?

    £189 = $305.00

    This how sony thank us to be loyal to their brand

    a vita wifi set you back at £210=$340.00

    And yet you re all moaning about the fact that for once europe got some kind of good gesture from sony!


    You can’t directly convert currencies though otherwise obviously there’s a price difference and it makes it look worse than it is. If I’m buying a PAL PS3 and paying with US dollars, damn right I’m getting screwed, but for you guys it’s probably a decent deal if you’re paying for it in your native currency


    “Why isn’t the U.S. getting the 12Gb flash model?”

    This is a STUPID question. A much better question to ask would be “Why isn’t Europe getting the 250GB model?

    Also a good question: “Why is the 500GB model in Europe only being bundled with FIFA 13 – a game that lots of people will have absolutely no interest in playing?”

    It’s good that I already have a PS3, because forcing me to choose a game that I don’t want and a model with ridiculous storage limits just means that I would DEFINITIELY NOT buy the new super slim PS3 right now.

    Your article also forgot to list models outside of the US.

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