Resident Evil 6 Demo Impressions and the importance of TV calibration.

Posted September 19, 2012 by Shamarri Miller in Previews

Capcom have just released the Resident Evil 6 demo on the PSN. The demo comes in at a fair 849mb. The amount of content in the demo is impressive. The demo contains snippets of three characters campaign and offers online co-op which is pretty rare for a demo.

The first character on offer is Leon. His segment of the demo has him accompanied by Helena. The segment opens up with a cutscene showing Leon and Helena in a dire situation. Once the cutscene ensues the duo must work there way through hordes of zombies to make it to their destination. Leon’s segment of the demo feels the closest to keeping the heritage of the Resident Evil series. The look of the levels really remind me of the environments from Resident Evil on PSX, except they are now fully realized on PS3.

Chris is the next character and his snippet feels a lot like your typical 3rd person shooter, Uncharted and Gears of War. While the control are serviceable they lack the intuitiveness of an Uncharted or Gears of War. Chris’s segment of the demo has tons of action and a huge monster that attacks. The sense of scale from the monster reminded me of Resistance 2. Also Chris has a squadmate named Piers. This should definitely make Chris campaign feel like a Bro-op.

The final segment of the demo has Jake and Sherry. Jake is a change of pace for the series. His gameplay style focuses on hand to hand combat and acrobatics . It’s refreshing to play as a Wesker type character. While you can kick as fisticuff style Jake still wields a gun though he doesn’t seem to have the accuracy of Leon and Chris.

Overall this is a good sampling of what can be expected of Resident Evil 6 and definitely has whet my appetite. The graphics in the game are also a step up and could make some think they are playing on a new system. One recommendation I have is that gamers have their TV calibrated as this will be essential for obtaining  the optimal picture quality from the game. This game is very dark and an uncalibrated TV can lead to black crush which will detract from image detail. I truly think calibration is important go getting the best graphic out of your PS3. The better the TV picture the better your games will look. Well get to downloading gamers.

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