Jet Set Radio Review: PlayStation 3

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Jet Set Radio ( Jet Grind Radio for my Dreamcast fans) is a game remembered fondly by many. It was a game that personified the Dreamcast. It was cool, it was fresh, and it was the game everyone admired. Jet Set Radio was a keystone Dreamcast game for fans of the system. Sega’s Smile Bit studio set out to make a cool game and for the large part they nailed it, Jet Grind Radio along with Crazy Taxi really helped deliver the message of the Dreamcast being cool. Luckily, for those that missed out on Dreamcast, Sega is being generous and rereleasing this gem.


Jet Set Radio places you in the role of a member of the GG’s gang. The story takes place in a fictional city call Tokyo-To and centers around your gang’s struggle with rival crews, and fighting the oppression of Captain Onimusha, who is cracking down in order to make sure the city can carry out its ” 21st Century Project.”


The gameplay in Jet Set Radio is average at best. With past problems rearing their ugly head, jumps are still floaty and turning your character is just as loose as ever. While the controls aren’t horrible, you never get the feeling that you’re in complete control of your character. This is definitely something that detracts from the game. One thing that has been touched upon in this re-release is the camera controls. Thanks to the inclusion of the second analog stick on the DualShock 3 gamers can now control the camera, the game still has camera problems though because of the camera centering button and the spray paint action both being on L2.

Visual Design

The graphics in the game take to the HD treatment rather well thanks, in part, the the cel-shaded nature of the game. The added resolution helps the visual look crisp and pristine. I have only seen Jet Set Radio look this sharp on the Dreamcast running off a VGA box. The games unique art design is as stunning as ever. Jet Set Radio is a very vibrant looking game and this comes off very well on HDTVs that have since become the norm after the original release.

The Sony factor is where I look at certain aspects that could affect those who game on a Sony Bravia, things like; MotionFlow, simulated 3D and Sony’s game mode. Also how playing the game on a Surround sound system. With so many different ways to play this is how I will differentiate my reviews from other websites hope you all enjoy.


 Motionflow 240Hz technology: Motionflow does little to smooth out the framerate of Jet Set Radio since the game already has a 60hz refresh. I recommend leaving this setting set to off to reduce picture noise.

Game Mode: reduces picture lag and eliminates the picture noise. However game mode also adds in this soft look to the picture making the game look like it has a slight blur and reduces picture clarity. It looks like a poor form of quincux anti aliasing.

Simulated 3D: The simulated 3Deffect adds depth to the image, and I definitely enjoyed playing the game with this mode turned on. Eye fatigue was very minimal and cross talk was alos barely noticeable.

Audio Design

Jet Set Radio’s sound design is great and truly takes on a life of its own. The soundtrack in the game does a lot, and is a character in of itself. The music selection is phenomenal, and meshes well with the visuals of the game.


Jet Set Radio really benefits from having a surround sound system. While the rear channels are virtually lifeless the front channels are full of activity. The games sound track really gave the surround sound a workout.  The opening sound that plays before the opening two level where the guy yells, ” Jet Set Radio manage to get me pumped and the bass there sounds excellent coming out the subwoofer.

Playing the game with the Sony Wireless Stereo Headset was pretty cool too, and did tons to make me feel like Beat, the main character from the game when coupled with my 3d glasses. Having on the wireless headphones definitely makes the soundtrack stand out and makes you feel like your jamming on a futuristic Walkman; however the lack of bass in the headphones makes the sound track hit less.

Final Say:

This title is a definite pick up for those looking to relive nostalgia or those looking for something a little different. Jet Set Radio is sure to provide hours of entertainment with is quirky game concept, enthralling levels, and funky music.

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