I hope Sony goes away, So people won’t have anything to cry about

Posted September 25, 2012 by Shamarri Miller in Editorials

Recently I read an article on Penny Arcade called, “Why Sony, and the PlayStation brand, could be in more trouble than you think,” written by Ben Kuchera. While the article brings up some valid points I feel as though it only tells half the story and that’s a problem. Also this is your streotypical doom and gloom article about Sony and the PS3 that have been going on since the system launched.

Lets look at one of Ben’s points.

“There may be a new version of the PS3 hardware coming soon, but as we noted in a previous article the price has actually been raised above the existing generation hardware, and the absolute price matters to the holiday market far more than features or bundles. Sony is doubling-down with this strategy, as executives argue that people want more in the box rather than a low price.
“…We looked at the market and we started seeing a lot of gift card and price wars happening at retail. Our consumer keeps asking us for games. They keep asking us for value,” Sony’s John Koller said to VentureBeat. “That’s why a lot of our bundles move through retail so quickly. We decided to have an evergreen SKU, our base SKU, which will always have games in it. That’ll launch on September 25, next week, with Uncharted 3 Game of the Year, as well as with our first free-to-play game, Dust 514. We want to use the new design as a kickoff point for a strategy that our consumers have been asking for quite some time.”

This is spin, pure and simple. Sony has lost this generation, and there is no reason to lower the price and lose more money than necessary. Sony’s focus is on next year, and its next generation console; they are aware that there’s little that can be done to fight off the competition this holiday season. Microsoft has offerings at a lower price backed with expected strong sales of the new Halo title the new, alongside a new Call of Duty game, a series that has historically performed much better on Microsoft hardware. Sony’s own list of exclusives for the holiday season is weak at best, including a fighting game that all but demands you already be a Sony fan. The next big-name Sony title is the Last of Us, which is arriving at some point in 2013.”

I agree Sony is spinning with the consumers want more value quote, you can’t fault Sony for wanting to turn a profit on the new PS3 super-slim. They arguably took the biggest lost this generation on their console. Initial reports were saying that Sony was loosing up to at minimum $200 on every PS3 sold. Here’s a quote on an article from Engadget reporting the losses

“We all knew Sony was  dropping a fair bit of cash bit on each PS3 sold, but we suppose we got a bit too hung up on the resultant pricetags — the notorious $499 and $599 SKUs — to give the actual losses much of a thought. Well, worry not Sony, iSuppli’s got your back. Turns out Sony will be losing change to the tune of $241.35 for every “premium” (WiFi and 60GB HDD) console, and a whoppin’ $306.85 for the bargain-basement 20 gigger. In comparison, Microsoft loses $75.70 per 360 it sells, while Nintendo is laughing all the way to the bank with a profit per Wii sold. Just in case you missed it the first time around, or fell off your chair and forgot what you were reading about: Sony will lose the equivalent (or more) to the retail price of a competing console every time a cash register rings up a PS3 sale this holiday. We suppose it’s for the best, then, that Sony won’t have a whole lot of ’em to hand out, since we’re sure Sony’s own costs will start to drop as production really ramps up next year. Be sure to peep the read link for a full breakdown of the costs.”

 UPDATE: Our bad, Microsoft actually makes $75.70 per 360 sold, as opposed to the $71 they were losing last year at launch.

So sure, Sony maybe trying to turn a profit on their hardware, I don’t recall anyone berating Microsoft or Nintendo for overcharging for their consoles. Everyone knows the markup on the Wii and 3Ds was ridiculous. I mean can we get some consistency here Ben. That’s why business do business to make money, but at least Sony this generation has had the decency not to totally fleece its customers. I mean the article above clearly shows that Sony took one for the team on the price of the hardware and didn’t pass it on to consumers.

While the initial price of the PS3 was expensive, not overpriced, Sony was probably under the belief that giving consumers the best value would land them the number one spot this generation, but thanks to people like you who only tell half the story it has led to Sony being in the position they are in. You have this great podium to inform readers about what the really goes on behind the scenes, but you use it instead to paint Sony in a negative light. It’s guys like you that helped paint the picture that the PS3 was to expensive when it launched. you guys stigmatized the PS3 since it launched, never really speaking of its advantages over its competition or the value of the system. We all know the public isn’t as informed as gaming journalist so it is you guys jobs to spell out the advantages and disadvantages of systems for them.

Also to say Sony has this lost this generation is uncalled for and a bit shortsighted, considering this generation is still in full swing and plenty of price drops and software left to change the landscape. And Ben while I don’t have a problem with you in general, I do believe it’s partially the media’s fault as to why Sony is in the predicament it is in.


OK, I’m pretty much done rebutting Ben, don’t have the time to shoot all of his points down. But here are some of the problems I’ve noticed in general with the PS3 media coverage. Since the launch of the PS3 there has been generally been negativity and lack of consistency. Let’s take a look at some of the big issues over the PS3’s life span.

An initial under reported thing about the PS3 was the value of the system. The Ps3 was expensive, but it was a good value in comparison to its competition. Do you know how expensive it was to make an Xbox 360 have parity with a Ps3 when they launched? Microsoft’s al la carte style was significantly more than a PS3, but this was vastly under reported when the PS3 launched. The gaming media didn’t finally report this until the launch of the PS3 slim when it was undeniably obvious the PS3 slim was a better value than an Xbox 360 elite at the same price.

The launch line up of the PS3 was also constantly labeled by the gaming media for not having any compelling games to make gamers pick it up over the Xbox 360. And while it’s true the PS3 didn’t have many exclusive games to make gamers pick it up over an Xbox 360, the multiplatform games on offer, still added content to those who wanted to get a PS3.

Also Resistance was a very good launch game and definitely gave the PS3 a difference maker. But many sites just tried to play it off as just another shooter game. While that’s fine, how can a site like Gamespot one of the bigger sites rate Perfect Dark Zero over Resistance: Fall of Man? And it was the same reviewer, and while reviews are subjective that was just bullSh!t.

Also the whole reason Microsoft is in such a good position with its gaming division is because of Xbox Live. While I will agree lives user interface is better than the PSN, it is the principles behind Live that bother me and should be a PR nightmare for Microsoft. The gaming media for the most part sits back and lets gamers get the shaft from Microsoft. While Live may be worth the $60 a year, the gaming press should at least have the decency to give Microsoft some bad press for requiring a gold subscription to access; online play, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu and various other services that are free on their competitors’ platforms.

Chill Xbox fan’s, I’m not hating, just looking out for you guys as a fellow gamer. I feel very strongly that online play on Live should be free, but Microsoft won’t take that loss for gamers. If Live is truly compelling as Microsoft would have us believe, then let the features speak for themselves, and don’t hog-tie an integral part of gaming, the online multiplayer, behind a subscription fee. I mean Sony has made Plus a compelling offer service for gamers by  offering a huge value, why not make these same demands from Microsoft?

All in all, Sony has been the most commendable company this console generation. I mean Sony has really taken it on the chin this generation for gamers. They have taken the biggest losses in the gaming business all to save gamers money. But the unevenness  and lack of consistency from the press this generation, while not the only factor in Sony’s decline, it definitely has been part of the reason Sony is in trouble. And this media problem is not only gaming related, but in electronics media in general when it comes to Sony products. Mark my words, “If Sony does go away from gaming it won’t be from a lack of effort on their part.”












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    Xbox 360 Bundle: $400
    PS3 Slim Bundle: $250

      Daniel Lawson

      Your ignorance on that statement prove Ben’s point. The Xbox 360 400 USD bundle comes with a custom box with two custom controller a limited ed. version of Halo 4 not to mention some of the cool perks that come with the custom box like custom sounds and extra content for Halo 4. You may have a preference for the PS3 (and that’s fine), but the value of the Xbox 360 bundle makes it the better pickup if you were simply looking for bang for your buck.

    Battlefield Engineer

    Sony has the best (and most) exclusive titles. Enough said.

      Daniel Lawson

      Your opinion, while valid, is not face. Do not present it as such.


        Sony has the most exclusive titles. If you use MetaCritic as your gauge the average score of Sony PS3 exclusives beats the average scores of any other platform exclusives on the market for this generation.

        Countless articles have reported on this data, that’s not an opinion.

        Nice to see Ben has sent his minions.


        yep sony has much better exclusives


        Damn, Daniel, how often do people call you a self-centered douche every day? Must be quite a lot.


        No dear, the PS3 has more exclusives. That’s a fact. Could you name exclusives on the 360 that aren’t on the PC or multiplat? Go on, we’re all waiting Daniel. Spew some more crap while you’re at it.


          I’m sorry juuken, but that most certainly is not a fact. You should not just believe what everyone tells you without a source or doing research of your own. The 360 does have more exclusive titles than the PS3, and here is your source:

          Xbox 360 – 249 exclusive titles

          PS3 – 204 exclusive titles

          This list does not include any of the multitude of games that the 360 shares exclusively with the PC, but the 360 still comes out with more exclusive titles than the PS3. So the Xbox 360 definitely comes out on top for quantity of exclusive games. I am not even going to begin trying to tackle “quality” because that is entirely subjective.


      it has the most but gears of war alone is better then the majority of PS3 exclusives.
      not to mention the vast majority of 3rd party titles play much smoother, look better, and play better online on xbox 360.


        What crack are you smoking usrev2? Gears is better than PS3 exclusives? So basically a bunch of over-sized, big headed space marines are somehow better than the likes of Nathan Drake, Kratos, and the Helghast.

        You 360 fanboys sure have drunk Microsoft’s kool-aid a bit too long.


      Xbox outselling PS3 week after week after week…..Nuff said. LOL @ the butthurt Sony fanboys


        360 getting its ass beat by worldwide sales.

        They’re only relevant in U.S. Her -derrrrr. You 360 fangirls will never admit there’s a world outside of America, will you? The 360 is struggling in Japan as we speak. It’s even struggling in Europe and the rest of Asia.

    Daniel Lawson

    I think you miss the point of Ben’s article. It’s not a “doom and gloom” article it’s pointing out that Sony is not just having issue financially with it’s PlayStation brand, but is looking like it’s going to start having more and more trouble with it’s other brands. You had some valid point, but towards the end you just fell off into a fanboy defensive rant. The comparison with Microsoft and Nintendo was on there to show the weakness of Sony’s position, not some kind of high road perception that some fanboys tend to think even matters to a company like Sony.


      @Daniel Lawson

      I miss the point of Ben Kuchera, it is obvious in his writings (not just this article) he has a disdain for the PlayStation brand. That level of bias can’t be wished away with articulate writings that cherry pick a few facts to put Sony in the worst possible light. This is Ben’s MO it seems (especially recently).

      I commented on one of his articles to rebut what he said and I was locked out of commenting. Honestly he is just writing to his audience which seem to be a bunch of maladjusted, socially inept, Xbox 360 COD players.

      Here we are about a year out from PS4 and people are still writing articles to piss on PS3 at every move. Sony can’t do a goddamn thing without a Ben Kuchera or his ilk running to the internet to publish something that would be more at home in a FaceBook status.

      I am not suggesting that no one can write a thing that is against Sony. To be fair they are having issues and have challenges ahead to be fair it isn’t all that much different for Microsoft. They have squandered years, and their lack of innovation and complacency set the stage for Apple and Google.

      The big issue I have here is Ben doesn’t put things into perspective, there are lots of companies hurting right now. Not just because of the financial fallout, but the ability to adapt in the wake of that fallout (which is really the most important part). I am just sick of the shit on Sony news that is presented as if Sony exists in a little bubble and everything is just flowers and ponies on the outside.

      The fact is if Sony was as horrible as a company and PlayStation was such a bad console, why is Microsoft only 1.8 million unions ahead in sales when they had a freaking year head start. If we are really going to talk botched opportunities this console generation Microsoft paid dearly in RROD with their rushed box. I highly doubt the game plan was to lose a ton of cash on faulty hardware just to be splitting 2nd place by a margin of less than 2 million units with a system that was known to be on “life support” for some time.

      At the end of the day it was Microsofts ball and they failed to execute. How do you explain that one away bubs?

      This is something that you just can’t say “Rrrrriiiidddgge Rrrraaaccceeerr” at.


      It’s a biased article with baseless facts and has ‘the ‘HAIL MICROSOFT’ stamp of approval written all over it. It’s okay to bash Sony to death and ramble about their finances but Microsoft can be ignored for their failure to deliver a working console and games that gamers actually want.



        “Only 1.8 million ahead” is a massive gain for a company that sold only 1/6th as many units in the prior generation. Sony, last generation, sold over three times as many consoles as the competition; that same competition this generation not only sold better, but did so making a profit while Sony was losing billions. That just shows a whole lot of failure on Sony’s part.


    Sony has invested a lot on their exclusive games and I see that paying of after the nextgen starts where the PS3 will be the cheap console with the best games. I see sony making money of Ps3 till 2020 as I speak people are stil buying PS2 for their young kids as their the cheapest console down here in South Africa and I think its the same in most 3rd world and emerging economy markets.

    The Xbox360 system will be worthless after the nextgen era is in full swing.


      Having many exclusives certainly helps your console retain value outside of it’s prime time lifespan.

      It doesn’t seem Microsoft will ditch the Xbox 360 like they did the Xbox. They have a much larger user base and they can’t exactly cut them off. Also MS will position the Xbox 360 as the value console when the Xbox 720 is released, much like Sony did with the PS2 / PS1.


    Sony has done a lot for the gaming industry. If they were to go away it would be a huge blow to an industry already taking it on the chin. Hopefully if the global economy turns around sales in general in the industry will improve, and help the industry’s chances.


      It’s only going to get worse for Sony and they deserve. Just today their credit rating has AGAIN dropped to the now second lowest rating of BBB. Investors are backing out left and right. Sony is with their backs againts the wall and the shot that kills them will come soon enough. The Yen is expected to strengthen a lot next year and that is their doom right there. Personally I won’t miss them one bit. Overhype and underdeliver, their arrogance will be their downfall!


        Evidence that their credit rating has dropped? Evidence that investors are backing out? Do you work for Sony? Do you work for anyone that has direct ties to the industry?

        People like you make me sick. You talk without little evidence to back up your claims.



    I think the PlayStation brand is a pretty strong one. It won in 2 generations, and to this day the PS2 is still the most well sold console. Sony made huge mistakes with the PS3: being late to the party, prices, under advertising, bad software for game developers etc. It also took big hits with the psn hacked ( I lost one account in the incident), the japanese tsunami and stuff. I do think that they should lower the prices and try to finish the generation in a good fashion, but they do have great exclusives planned. Yeah they’re all next year or after but at least they have them. I do hope Sony makes better next year, and makes better with the PS4. But this generation, Sony just flat out lost


    That guy Ben Kuchera is a very articulate ass-hat. Guy is so Anti-Sony that he can’t write an article without it being some divisive piece of crap.

    Look him up he used to work for Ars Technica, but i am sure they got wind of his bias and booted his as, I actually have a degree of respect for Ars.


    It is unfortunate that the only company supporting new game ideas other cramming GoW, Fable, Forza, and Halos down ppl’s throats… are so often under fire by toolbags who appear to have nothing better to comment about. As a PC gamer i have got to admit, the sony brand has always provided a reason to try out their system due to original content.
    And before any 360 fanboy decides to bust my chops, yes i have one of those things that lights up green once or twice a year for CoD sessions with friends.. but c’mon regardless of the current situation, every company has provided a reason to go burn them down, but very few trully commit to the reason why a console is purchased by alot of people over a PC tower.

    Anyway, thanks for reading out and long live gaming… and better yet, keep them monster GPUs coming ^_^”

    TwiggiePantz Out


    “They have taken the biggest losses in the gaming business all to save gamers money”
    Wow, pretty ignorant comment there. The reason Sony didn’t launch ps3 at $700-$800 had NOTHING to do with saving people money. It was to make sure the console wasn’t a stillbirth. Seriously though, does anyone think it would have sold anything more than a handful of units at that kind of price regardless of all the features offered?!? The decision had nothing to do with not screwing gamers, it was all about not screwing themselves.


    I’m an Xbox guy, I won’t even hide it. Before anyone jumps all over me for may tastes in gaming let me state that Sony quiting the gaming industry would spell disaster for the rest of us console gamers. Competition is good for the industry. Love them or hate them, Microsoft pushes Sony to do better and vice versa. Nintendo is it’s own thing and marches to the beat of a different drummer, has been for a long time so they can’t even really be compared to the other two (the Wii U is comparible now, but won’t be once Microsoft and Sony unleash their next gen machines). Trust me, any true gamer realizes the truth in what I’ve said here and realizes the importance of all involved, not just which corporation they prefer.


    Sony won this generation regardless of who what said. The PS3 is the only console that has what current-gen needed, Bigger disc storage, advance processors, and more. While Nintendo Wii is first and Microsoft is second place just take a look at this. While Sony is sitting in 3rd place this gen, the last two they where not only was first, but made it over 100 million consoles right before the previous generation is over. The Wii didn’t did that, and the 360 has Heat problem called aka the Red ring of death which some people whose are senseless enough would buy a new one after Microsoft would denied the warranty; which cause them to have more sells, because people would be dumb enough to buy another one. So Danial Lawson How about doing us fan boys a favor and just shut the 360 degree up, Your defense on Microsoft and Nintendo is sucking. 2 controllers isn’t bring me value, and the new PS3 is what Hot and ready for wise gamers who know that Sony Has a deeper and much more better value than say a Halo 4 $60 dollars to get started to play a game that they own online. Do you own a PlayStation 3 Danial Lawson, or do you have a crap box 360 and a Nintendo dildo system or both, Because either way This Ben Kuchera guy is a selfish bastard, and he just pretty much lied on the value of the new machine. For the last six years the media outlet has been bias and extremely one-sided tours The PlayStation Brand seriously, and also they don’t know shit when it comes to value. The PS3 is the underdog of this generation, just like Rocky Balboa in Rocky Balboa The story of the underdog that didn’t won the match, but got High clam because of the fight and pretty much slapped the other fighter to there knees. The 360 came before the PS3, but now the PS3 and 360 almost pretty much almost neck to neck now. I ‘am done with my rant, but before I go just say the 360 sucks the Wii-U is going to be like the Wii at the end another Less powered console while Microsoft and Sony going for the next new tec. Then Nintendo will again be making something like The Wii-U and me and dildo console and accessories. The Wii-U is very expensive for $300, but it comes with 8 GB of storage that is so so so small, but wait the 32 GB version is like $50 dollars More………. Yeah People Who is Planning on buying that is a total Dumb ass idiotic Bitch; who can’t do math for Jack Shit. Down with the crap box, PlayStation for ever!


    xbox 360- started very strong ending very poorly
    the 360 was great at launch, and until about 2009 MS just stopped caring about games we got less and less and xbox started to die.

    Ps3- started out poor, ending very strong, but it is too late for this gen.
    The ps3 failed up until about 2009 when it had a decent library and online started getting better.
    2010 is when I personally got a ps3 and even then It still had a long way to go to be a console i’d play every day.

    it’s too late for the ps3 to really come back but what sony is doing is pushing people to no get a PS this gen, but actually, next gen. all the exclusives you see coming out are usually on sony, many unique games coming as well. PSN+ is another deal that will pull people to sony.

    a huge number of 360 owners don’t want to switch to ps3, but are eagerly waiting to see the ps4, it’s too late to switch to ps3 for them as the gen is mostly over.

    Captain Obvious

    The title of the article is pretty misleading.

    Navin Ramkissoon

    FYI The US isn’t the only region that sells PS3’s you know. As a matter of fact, despite being outsold in the US by the 360, EVERY month PS3 dominates Global sales. There is a reason for that…it is simply the best console! I have had 3 360’s, all have RROD’d, so I’ve experienced the xbox fad, but as a gamer who has been playing games since Pole Position on the Atari, I can tell you, PS3 offers the best value by far! They have the most exclusives, the best games, the best console features…everything!
    The PS3 is less than 2 million behind 360 and gaining ground quickly, by the time this generation is over, PS3 will be number 1….no that’s not a mistake….it will surpass the Wii. You can quote me on that….Why? Simple…12 years after the launch of the PS2, I can still walk into a store and purchase one, there are still titles being released for it….I challenge anyone to do the same for the competition…you simply cannot. And that’s why Sony will come out on top…while the competitors abandon their loyal customers when a new console is launched, Sony insists on supporting those loyal customers by extending the life of the console long after it’s predecessor has been released. So while MS and Nin will be busy trying to get sales for their new respective consoles, Sony will quietly surpass both in the sales of the PS3…..It’s called being ingenious….something the competition knows nothing about!
    BTW excellent article and very true….the reason for Sony’s current situation is the media…MS buys them off and Nin wooes them with their so-called ‘Classic’ games which automatically score 9+ once the name starts with Mario, Zelda, Metroid, etc. Keep up the good work bro!


    Good article but you know this will only go on deaf ears. Sony is doomed okay? DOOOOOOMED! They don’t have problems like any company going through a recession.


    THANK YOU! As a gamer im really sick and tired of all the so called gaming journalists beating up on SONY while turning a blind eye to similar issues on the Microsoft brand. I at one time owned both consoles and sold my xbox because the first party games that SONY offered appealed to me more then MS’s and I get netflix and online play without having to pay an excess fee for accessing it. Im not bashing the xbox its a great gaming system, but lets be honest here, the gaming media are either bought and paid for or are “fanboys” venting rage. Its a sad state of affairs and its why i look to amature gaming podcasts and websites now for gaming articles and reviews. Your article is refreshing to say the least and I fear the rabid back lash from the trolls you will now face.


    I am an “older” gamer. I don’t care which company makes more money or which one “wins” the console war. It’s all business. I just want to play games that entertain me. I owned an xbox 360 for 5 years. I sold it to buy a PS3. I was actually rather disappointed. Xbox’s online component, including the interface, is MUCH better than PS3. All the PS3 exclusives that everyone raves about are simply mediocre. While the PS3 exclusives have, in some instances, better graphics, that does not translate into a better game. I don’t know how people constantly lose sight of that fact. Metal Gear Solid 4 is not fun. It is clunky. Snake’s motions are clunky and outdated. The camera is very confined. The story is waaayy to convoluted to be even close to entertaining. It is not anywhere near as good as most of the Splinter Cell games. God of War III (while actually breathtaking to see in person) is nothing more than a button masher. And where is “The Last Guardian” that people have been raving about for 3 years? All in all, PS3 is no more “fun” than was the xbox 360. Period. They are both the same as far as how “fun” they are. Anyone who argues to the contrary is wasting their breath. Although, I will say that Uncharted 2 ROCKS!!!!!


    Use proper grammar and punctuation.

    This article is riddled with errors.


    PS3 tards with their own “facts”

    Jesus Christ…

    Da GeeZ

    SONY: Dead company walking… it’s only a matter of time now, they are just walking those final steps towards their oblivion.

    I do NOT expect the ps4 to make it to market! Sounds outlandish doesn’t it, how can the ‘mighty’ sony dip out of the console market?! Sony has been on a long downwards spiral for years now, loosing money in nearly every area. Just read their financial reports, they’re in grave trouble. I think unless sony change their whole company culture and perform a real restructure from the top downwards there’s no coming back for them. And I don’t see sony making any of those radical changes to it’s culture or structure. I just see it doing the blunt dumb ass things that corporations do to make the quarterly report look good for their shareholders…. sack a lot of people at the bottom… reduce cost on wages(unless you’re the managers causing the problems, in that case give yourselves a bonus). It’s just not going to fix anything.

    Sony is DEAD.

    Apple, Google, Nintendo, Microsoft are all itching to hammer in the nails on sony coffin… meanwhile sony has climbed into the coffin and is all too happy to pull the lid on for them…. sigh… it didn’t have to be like this. If sony wasn’t such an arrogant ignorant company, maybe they could of turn this around.

    Sorry no ps4 folks.


      And you’re a fucking moron.

        Da GeeZ

        Hi Juuken

        That’s nice… but do you have any real points to counter the above? Or are you just another delusional sonyfanboy feeling a little hurt at the TRUTH.


          Do you have evidence to back up your claims?

          Do you work for Sony?

          Have you sat in one of their board meetings to know how much money they have?

          If not, have a nice cup of STFU fanboy.


            @ Jukken

            you really need to calm down. your taking his comments too serious.

            this article is nothing more than a rant. it hasn’t proved anything that was in penny arcade’s article wrong. honestly all i got from it was “wah wah why is everyone picking on sony” instead of debating the article with facts. the truth of the matter is. sony IS in real trouble and although their gaming division might be profitable, the company as a whole isn’t.

            the problem that people don’t understand is that if sony as a whole goes out of business, so does their gaming division. it’s not like sony just makes games like nintendo where it’s whole business relies on gaming. sony is made up of many divisions that are not profitting…say it with me “NOT MAKING MONEY”. which is weighing down the company as a whole.

            there is a reason why the companies credit rating is being dropped a second time this year. you don’t have to sit on the broad to see this and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that sony came into this gen worth 200 billion and is now down to 20 billion with 4 years of straight loses. at some point you and many other sony fans will have to except the real truth of the matter. that sony MIGHT (and i do mean MIGHT) just go out of business.

            I’ve been gaming for a longtime. since the coleco and atari days. I have seem many come and go. as much as i like strong competition with all three console companies. it will not kill me if (again i do mean IF) they was to leave. there are many options with gaming and theres always someone to come along and pickup where the others have left off. i understand you and this arthur have brand loyalty to sony. but you can’t keep burying your heads in the sand and not considering the truth at hand.

            Da Geez

            Hi Juuken…

            You can go to the sony website and review their financial report if you like, it’s publicly available…. you can find it here on Sonys website…

            I don’t and haven’t worked for sony, and don’t intend to work for sony, I know personally from insiders how they work, and I don’t like the companies approach.

            Sadly no, I haven’t sat on the board, would be interesting though (anyone at Sony fancy inviting me along, I could offer some guidance if you want?).

            I basically read editorials and analysis of the financial reports in the more respected areas of the gaming press, who analyze the above publicly supplied data from sony. I try my best to read as many opinions as possible to aid my own opinion on the matter. This might include the following as examples…


            That’s just a small selection if you are interested in research and stuff like facts(got a feeling this might not interest you though). You could go through all those links and make good arguments against some of the experienced opinions if you can, that would be cool actually.

            My comments aren’t blind delusional fanboy trash talk, the sort of thing I see all the time from sonyfanboys. I have read a few facts and tried to stay a little informed before I talked.

            I was wondering if I should STFU now or keep pulling the rug from under your feet? Your call buddy…


    LOL @ all the comments.. site succeeded in generating traffic with this stupid post as half the web are posting them as we read/type.

    At the end of the day, you are the best judge of the current situation in regards to meet your gaming needs. For those trully worried by all this non-sense crap being posted as of late, please do not trouble your self, welcome to the NET where PC was dead for the past 6 months and then stopped generating hits, so we are on to Ps3 now… nws maybe next we go back to the Vita since that one lasted two weeks only…

      Da GeeZ

      TwiggiePantz… in regards to this line…

      ‘At the end of the day, you are the best judge of the current situation in regards to meet your gaming needs’

      I think the point is… pretty soon you won’t be able to include sony in your choice. It’s really that serious.

      Articles like this are not popping up because people just fancy ragging on sony. It’s not a fad for fads sake. It’s because things are starting to come to a head for sony. This is probably the most crucial time in sonys history. Sonys future rests on making some very bold, astute decision to stay in business. They are in deep doo doo atm.

      sonyfanboys should be really worried. It’s not a joke when I posted that the ps4 might not make it to market… sony really are facing the fight of their life atm.


        Again fanboy, do you have evidence of your claims? Sony is going through what any company goes through during a recession. Are you this pathetic that you want to wish death on a company like Sony?


        Dude you are funny, and ima just close it with -> for all you peeps that need drama & trolling to feel like something is going on in your life, i feel sad for you. i’ll be honest, as a PC gamer i still resort to the likes of a Ps3 console for original content, there is more than enough support on the system. If you want to really be right, do some realy #s re-search, youd be amazed how not far behind things are as people keep posting, do your own re-search.

        Your doom & gloom comments are both weak and spell out fanboyizm. No dis-respect to you brother, but if you love something embrace it and defend it, dont go try & take a monkey poo on the rival. As of now Ps3 is not even as bad as the GC was, but apparently all of you have already forgotten that… oh and nintendo is still here and selling toys like crack btw.

        Twiggiez outz

          Da Geez

          Hello TwiggiePantz.

          I find it interesting that I keep getting accused of not doing research and at the same time I seem to get the feeling that the people who are accusing me of this are not doing it themselves(or at the very least, not presenting any research or providing any decent counter-points).

          Look at the financial reports on sonys website, read some professional opinions, read some semi-professional opinions. They all point to the same thing… sony is in trouble.

          Did the anti-sony fanboys put sony in trouble through wishful thinking? No… it was sony… this whole situation and the press reporting it has little to do with fanboy’ism… it’s all to do with sonys management, the company is slowly dying… unless…. sony makes some radical changes… which they are NOT.

          No fanboy nonsense here… just FACTS.


    How is it that writers with terrible grammar and awful articulation get to be “published journalists?” At least Ben can string together an intelligent sentence.


    I have both consoles and I would hate if either one went under they both have great exclusives, but they also both have there faults, sony could do a lot better like they have done in the past and ffor xbox i dont see why i should pay £40 a year for a service what still has annoying adverts on it


    honestly speaking penny arcade and many other sites have a point as to what they are saying. sony isn’t looking at the bigger picture. yes i understand they are trying to make a profit with the new model.,but it comes at the wrong time and you have to wonder WHAT THE HELL IS SONY THINKING.

    the wIIu is about the launch and as of now is being sold out before it has even launched and it comes at a time where many are scream for a new console gen. sony faces a tough road ahead and risk the fact of being outsold globally by the wiiu and the 360. i heard the dumbest thing from one of sony exec john koller. that the new ps3 are showing high interest from 360 owners looking to get a second console. honestly if the 360 owners haven’t bought a ps3 by now they aren’t going to. and lets say they are looking to get a second console, why would they choose the ps3 over the wiiu you coming out next month.

    i think this is the type of thinking thats hurting sony. they should have reduces the new model price or at the very least droped the price of the older model and added new feature to the new model to intice people to spend on the newer model for people lokking to get a second or third ps3.

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