Why PlayStation 3 gamers have a right to complain about Bethesda.

Posted September 14, 2012 by Shamarri Miller in Editorials

Recently there has been an uproar on the internet from PS3 users about the 2nd class treatment they have been receiving from Bethesda Software, the creators of the Elder Scrolls series. The problem is two parts. First is the constant performance issues plaguing the PS3 version in comparison to the other versions, but also there is uncertainty as to whether PS3 gamers will see the two released DLC packs, Dawnguard and Hearthfire or not; which both currently are available on the Xbox 360

The Creation engine designed by Bethesda seems to play better with the Xbox 360 and PC architecture because of the ability to share memory. Which is fine and dandy. The problem is Bethesda knew they were making this game for PS3 as well.  The problems centering around ps3 version of Skyrim seem to fall squarely on the shoulders of Bethesda if one were to look at the context clues

While some of people will try to blame Skyrim’s performance problems on Sony and how it has the PS3’s architecture set up with the split pools of RAM. I would say your reasoning is invalid because the PS3 has been the same way the past 6 years and the hardware has been set in stone since 2006, before or while ,Bethesda was still in the development process of the CREATION engine. So the lack of foresight seems to be a fault of Bethesda. Basically this is like Sony trying to have the Uncharted engine run on the 360, it’s just not possible because Uncharted is specifically coded around the PS3’s architecture and not the 360’s.

And while I’ll admit that Bethesda couldn’t of possibly of known they wouldn’t be able to fix the performance and DLC issues later via post patch. They should have erred on the side of caution, because honestly they duped PS3 owners into paying the same price as 360 owners, but handed them an inferior product.

While it is, par for the course, for there to be slight performance differences in games across PS3 and 360, the magnitude of the problems in  the PS3’s version of Skyrim are unacceptable especially from a developer with the status of Bethesda. And it seems like time and time again this generation game breaking bugs have been a constant problem for any game Bethesda makes on PS3 and in some cases on Xbox 360 and PC as well.


Let’s take a look at their first game on PS3, Oblivion. it had constant bugs where the game would just lock up and users would have to power off their PS3 in order to start the game back up. Also the game had frame-rate issues where if you sprinted for long distances the frame-rate would start to chug.

  And their second game, Fallout 3 pretty much the same issue reappear as with Oblivion, with the added problems of the game temporarily freezing up when users would get PSN notifications and textures taking long times to load up.

So with all their past struggles with making games run properly on the PS3 you would think Bethesda would have been more cautious an would of wanted to strengthen there PS3 code. And not only has Bethesda managed to copy most of the problems from past games they may have added a new one with the inability of the PS3’s version of Skyrim being able to support DLC.

This situation has really been horrible for PS3 gamers who are also Bethesda fans, as they have been more then generous with their patience in putting up with past games from Bethesda despite their performance problems. It seems, however; that Bethesda has used up all of its good will from the PS3 community and many will be taking a “wait and see” approach on their future games.




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