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Posted October 8, 2012 by Shamarri Miller in News

Samurai Beatdown is a game from the creators of  Plain Sight, Beatnik games. The game really gives off the vibes of being a bad ass samurai. Players are charged with the responsibility of going through levels dispatching foes, in order to reach the end.


Samurai Beatdown is a Rhythm Action Side Scrolling beat ‘em up. The gameplay has players set on a path moving forward with enemies approaching from both the left and right side of the screen trying to kill your samurai. Players must tap either side of the screen depending on where the enemies are located, and do so rhythmically to the music.  Players are also given visual cues to help them disperse foes. Enemies emit a white halo around their bodies giving players another indicator to deliver a well-timed strike.

Samurai Beatdown uses a scoring system where players taps/slices are measured rhythmically; players with bad timing will receive a “poor” indicator, while those with moderate timing will receive a “good”, and those with excellent timing will receive a”perfect”. The better the player’s timing the higher their score. Also getting strings of “perfect” hits will lead to a build up of your Frenzy meter, which can then be released, once it is full, to achieve even higher scores. Your samurai can also die if you miss too many enemies or too many enemies hit you.

Those looking for more gameplay can go back and replay levels to earn higher scores which unlocks medals that show up on the level select screen. I wasn’t exactly clear on how you unlock them, but I believe if you go through a level and get mostly perfect hits and combo string the entire level you will acquire all three medals for the given level.

Visual Design

The graphics in Samurai Beatdown are really sharp and the sprites are really detailed. The bright colors really present well on the Vita’s OLED screen. The animations in the game are adequate too and help make the gameplay feel satisfying.

Audio Design

The sound in the game is very good. The soundtrack is very good too, my only gripe would be that they should have used the bass more as an indicator as that’s how most people keep rhythm. I think I’m describing it well, but it sort of felt like a rap song with no snare.


The Pulse Wireless Stereo Headset Elite Edition adds a ton to a game like Samurai Beatdown because the pulse setting enhances the bass, which will assist players in getting a better score. The ability to feel the beat instead of just hearing it truly goes a long way. And I definitely recommend using the Pulse headset. I’d even go as far as to say, ” You need the headset to truly enjoy the game.” The recommendation at the beginning of the game to use headset should be taken serious, Samurai Beatdown definitely comes to life with a good set of headphones.

Final Say:

Overall Samurai Beatdown is an enjoyable game and definitely one of the better PlayStation Mobile launch games. I definitely recommend this game to those looking for something to do on their Vita or just looking for a cool game to experience.


For those of you that enjoyed the soundtrack here is a link to download it.

Samurai Beatdown Soundtrack

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