Gaikai teases triple-A PS3 games.

Posted October 10, 2012 by Shamarri Miller in News

Sony recently acquired Gaikar for 380 million dollars a few months ago, and now that decision is starting to bear fruit. Gaikai has recently redesigned their website and if one is to take the images at face value then it would appear Sony will be offering top quality PS3 games. The likes of; Uncharted, Killzone 1/2, Little Big Planet, Mass Effect 3 and others.

It’s really exciting to see Sony getting behind Gaikai in such a big way. Gaikai could definitely be a big  differentiator for Sony moving forward. I really hope Sony adopt a netflix subscription model for the service when it finally launches. I only hope and pray that lag isn’t a big issue for online games like Call of Duty where every millsecond counts.

For further details you can check out PlayStation Lifestyle

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