New PlayStation Store interface unveiled.

Posted October 11, 2012 by Shamarri Miller in News

Are you tired of the old PlayStation Store interface? Where some games fail to load all together or images have broken links. Well you’re in luck , Sony have finally unveiled the oft rumored PlayStation Store revamp. The new store is set to launch October 17th in Europe and October 23 in North America.

The new store layout will look better than ever and will look good on numerous displays thanks to its ability to scale to the optimal screen resolution for each screen. This is similar to how the Ps3 can read the screen size of a 3D and scale the image accordingly.

The new PlayStation Store layout is built upon the “Hero” concept which will push the more popular games to the top of the store front. This will help give more visibility to the more imminent titles like The Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls when they launch.   Titles will also be on a carousel set up which will allow more games to rotate to the top of the store interface.

The search functions on the new store interface are improved. The store will feature a predictive text search feature similar to Google that will help to improve search times on the store. The new stores search bar also features the ability to auto-correct misspelled words to make sure gamers find the game they are looking for.

Probably the best improvement to the store is the content filtering options which will allow users to sort games by price, genre and peripheral. This is great for those looking to find content for their rarely used PlayStation Move controllers, Sharpshooters, or PlayStation eye.

Content for games will also finally be grouped and give each game its own page. So if you’re looking for Uncharted 3 DLC, Demo and the full game you’ll be able to find it all on that games one page which is very nice and way less convoluted than the past store interface.


The new store interface takes on a black theme throughout the entire store. The black theme does wonders for making the cover-art of the games pop and is definitely more in theme with the PlayStation 3 console itself  than the blue background of past. Also this new theme is very sexy and the font appears to be similar to Live’s store front which should make it easier to read. So far this new store interface looks to be a marked improvement over the old one.

For further details you can check out thesixthaxis and pushsquare

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