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Posted October 17, 2012 by Shamarri Miller in Reviews

PomPom Software have delivered one of the better PlayStation Mobile launch games, Rebel. Rebel is a game where players are placed in the role of a rebel and must evade their captors. This time we shall look at how the game plays on the Xperia Play and stacks up to the Vita version.


The goal of Rebel is to last, as long as possible, collect jewels and make the enemy A.I destroy each other in the process. In order to accomplish this goal players must skillfully dodge; enemy bullets, missiles, airstrikes, and jeeps, while making sure their foes walk into the line of friendly fire. ALl of the mayhem and jewel collecting results in points, which then turn into cash for their stash bag. Once players have acquired enough money for their stash they can use it to unlock different things.

Power ups can be purchased to help even out the odds. There are 5 power ups; Armour; allows player to take a hit, Run Faster; as it sounds makes you run faster, Booty; drops a load of crystals, Bullet Time; slows down enemy fire, Decoy; drops a decoy to distract enemies. all the power ups also recharge over time. The power ups can also be leveled up to last longer or drop more items.

Players can also purchase new jumpsuits to customize their rebels. There are various costumes available but the suits are merely cosmetic.

The final thing players can purchase are different play modes which, not only change the goals of the level, but also unlock new stages. One stage is a snowy tundra and the other is a jungle which is reminiscent of a level you would see in a Donkey Kong game.

My only gripes with the game are that power ups must be deployed by touching the screen. This seems like a very bad decision as players hand are going to obstruct their view, which is harmful considering players are constantly trying to avoid bullets and missiles. The smart decision would be to put the power ups on the Xperia Play’s shoulder or face buttons as that would ease the problem and seems like a no-brainer considering the buttons aren’t used at all. And Playing the game using the Xperia Play’s joysticks is not as accurate as using the Vita’s and definitely makes the gameplay suffer as a result, though, with time players can master it. Also For those that want to play using the games touch screen controls I highly advise against it as it was the most frustrating and inaccurate way to play.

Visual Design

The graphic in Rebel are extremely sharp and give off a PC game vibe on the Xperia Play’s screen. The color choice also pops well on the screen and the bright colors make it easy for games to discern enemy fire from their character. The game also displays slight banding issue that were not present in the Vita Version. Colors also lack the warmth and richness provided on the Vita. I don’t know if this is due to the Vita’s OLED or not.

Audio Design

The sound in this game is crisp and each enemy has a distinct sound. This helps with timing enemy fire giving players who listen for audio cues an advantage.

The Sony Factor: Audio

Those who Pick up the Pulse Wireless Stereo Headset Elite Edition  will definitely benefit from the added audio clarity provided by using the headset. The small stage the game takes place on sounds extremely large with the Pulse headset. Players will also feel every shot fired while wearing the Pulse Headset, as it pulses with the release of every bullet or missile.  The helicopters are also easier to discern as well which will be a big help as they are often located off-screen out of the players field of view.

Final Say:

Overall Rebel is one of the better PlayStation Mobile launch games I’ve played and I definitely enjoy playing it. It’s one of those games you can play on quick down-times as you are surely not going to last that long. My only wish is that they had more levels and more obstacles to hide behind, but I very much enjoyed my time with Rebel


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