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Posted October 25, 2012 by Shamarri Miller in Editorials

We all know Xbox 360 has played the foil to the PS3 this generation, and the competition has pushed both platforms to exceed gamer’s expectations. And with the next generation Xbox and PlayStation launches imminent I feel as though I’m the only one concerned about the next Xbox and how Microsoft will make it rival the next PlayStation. And I’m not saying the next Xbox won’t be a smash hit just concerned it may lose the race this time do to Microsoft’s lack of foresight.

The first problem I see for the next Xbox is the fees for Xbox live. I just don’t feel like Microsoft will be able to justify charging for Xbox Live next generation when all signs point to Sony having the more coveted features of Live like Cross game chat and party chat. I think the Vita is evidence of this change being in the next Sony console. Also this was the number one requested feature on the PlayStation Share blog. So all signs point to Sony incorporating this feature in the next PlayStation. So at the very least it would appear Sony is forcing Microsoft’s hands to either make online play free or drop the fees for Live all together.

The next problem I see facing the next Xbox is the lack of first-party Studios. While Halo and Gears are nice, I feel Microsoft should take a page out of Sony’s book and increase their first-party efforts. While most of  Sony’s first-Party games don’t do Halo or Gears sales numbers they still do okay, and most turn a profit. They also bolster out the games portfolio for Sony, which also helps differentiate their platform and helps incentivize people to pick up their console over their competitors. All these pluses provided by having a strong first-party would help Microsoft immensely and with their advertising could lead to them possibly dominating Sony who’s had trouble getting together a decent ad campaign in recent years. Also with the death of third-party exclusives timed-DLC won’t be enough to make gamers choose Microsoft.

The development environment for both console will also be more developer friendly. So, the advantages the Xbox 360 commanded in most multiplatform games will more than likely be a thing of the past once the next generation gets here. Sony has learned their lesson about making difficult development environments, and once again you can look to the ease of development on the Vita as proof of that. To be honest I don’t even see how Microsoft maintains this advantage unless they make the next Xbox more powerful than the next PlayStation.

Well these are just my thoughts on the next Xbox. Does anyone else share my concerns? I just feel as though the next Xbox won’t have the advantages of its predecessor, however I really look forward to the next PlayStation and Xbox battle. We all know Microsoft is a scrappy company and I’m sure they have some tricks under their sleeve I’m just curious as to what they are.

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    Think $ony as the Nazi Hitler for a moment. PS3 is like his ‘3rd reich’ propaganda machine. PS3 fantools are his beloved ‘SS’ squads (hint: Sony Soldiers), preaching global gaming domination for his exclusive monopoly agenda. Hyping the “playstation 3rd reich” via blogs, forums, comments in order to blind people’s mind to give their money for $ony. Anything against the hype shall be a direct offense to the “fuhrer”, just like desperate crooks’ selling snake oils.

    The Allies : PC and X360
    The Communist Russia : Nintendo WiiU

    In the world consoles war today, the former victor $ony is now being bombarded from both sides, facing hard attacks taking its toll on resources and money.

    $ony’s latest propaganda: In order to beat a WiiU, the ‘SS’ must obey $ony nazi’s order to overhype buying 2 separate systems at a higher cost. The smarter allies not buying it tho. So the war is not winning on $ony nazi side, history repeats itself.

    Coming up next….cold war : apple vs google

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