Rumor: Sony shipping updated PS4 Dev Kits to developers

Posted November 1, 2012 by Shamarri Miller in News

VG24/7 have received word from its sources that Sony is shipping out new PlayStation 4 dev kits to developers and is scheduled to ship a near final version in January.

There are reportedly four version of the dev kit set to be rolled out over the next couple of months. The supposed PlayStation 4 Dev kit  being shipped now is a modified PC, which is an upgrade to the previous version which was rumored to be just a graphics card. The third version, set to appear in January will be close to final spec. And the final version will be shipped next summer.

Also coming from VG24/7 sources is that Some US developers have attended a ” disclosure meeting” at Sony’s offices this week, with another meeting planned in the coming months. according to VG24/7 source, the purpose of the meeting is for Sony to tell studios what the machine is designed to do, to detail hardware and to show a set of presentations.

According to VG24/7’s source the machine is going by its codename of Orbis in these meetings and isn’t being called ” PlayStation 4″

The chipset powering the PS4 is based on AMD’s A10 APU. The dev kit is also said to have either 8gb or 16gb of RAM.

VG24/7’s source  revealed, the  “ultimate goal” for the hardware is for it to be able to run 1080p60 games in 3D with “no problem” and to create a machine that’s powerful enough for ” today and tomorrow’s market”.

Vg24/7’s source revealed that the PlayStation 4 will have a Blu-ray drive and that the hard drive will be 256Gb standard, though it has yet to be revealed whether or not is a traditional HDD or a solid state drive.

The machine also features WiFi and ethernet connectivity.

The UI has also seen improvement, It was said that players will now be able to hit the PS button and travel anywhere else on the system, this is similar to PS Vita’s UI.

The PlayStation 4 will also be designed to accept system and product updates in the background, however users will have the ability to disallow them.

There have yet to be any details on the gamepad. Conformation is expected to be revealed this month.

PlayStation 4 is also set to be announced at an event a few days prior to E3 next year

Also the PlayStation 4 is not being developed in Japan.

Source:  VG24/7

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