Sony’s Ideology: Put the Gamers First And how it will help them next generation

Posted September 15, 2012 by Shamarri Miller in Editorials

Sony’s Ideology and why PlayStation gamers are so adamant about the brand.  First lets look at the meaning of the word Ideology:  The body of ideas reflecting the social needs and aspirations of an individual, group, class, or culture. Now that we have gotten that out of the way let’s take a look at what Sony’s Ideology has been. So far this generation Sony’s Ideology has been to put gamers first and if we look at how Sony has handled the PS3 their body of work screams that they really focused on putting gamers at the center of experience.


If we turn back the pages of history to the date Novemeber 17, 2006. Hundreds of thousands of gamers are standing in line anticipating the launch of the PlayStation 3, the successor to the greatest console of all time, the PS2. And while the weeks leading up to the launch of the PS3 many gamers were swayed away from the PS3, due to the unprecedented amount of bad press leading up to it’s release. While some of the bad press was warranted, such as, the multiplatform games running better on the “supposedly inferior” Xbox360, leading the press to believe maybe Sony was blowing smoke about the PS3 being graphically superior to the 360. One thing the press mislead the masses on was the price of the PS3. Was the PS3 expensive? Yes! Was it overpriced? In short, No. While the PS3 has always been the most expensive console it has always been the best value as far as the hardware the machine carried.

Sony’s Ideology: On hardware give gamers the best technology we can at the best price we can. In essence Sony put the need of gamers first.


Now let’s take a look at Sony’s online strategy. While PSN still doesn’t match Xbox live’s feature set with things like; party chat and demos for all games. Sony has also chosen to once again just try to offer more value than their competition. Sony til this day has managed to not only, keep online play free, but also things like; Netflix, Youtube and, Amazon video on demand free. While, its competitor Microsoft have chosen instead to “wall these things off,” forcing gamers on their platform to purchase a gold subscription in order to enjoy these features which are free to access on pretty much any other device they are available on. Sony’s Paid service PlayStation Plus is also about giving gamers once again the best value for their dollar. With the instant game collection, loads of discounts on PSN games, and DLC. Sony also offers cloud saves and automatic updates to Plus users, however, I do feel Sony should offer those things to gamers free.

Sony’s Ideology: Put gamers first by, not only offering them loads of content for a cheap price, but choosing not to wall of desired features like online play and and video services.


While game quality is subjective Sony has put the most money into its first party offerings making sure that is has a diverse line up of games and new IP’s coming down the pipes to keep gamers sated. And Even though this is expensive to maintain Sony chooses to go down the road most won’t. Even letting it’s first party studios make the games they want instead of the next sequel. Naughty dog is making Uncharted, Quantic is making Beyond: Two souls. While Microsoft has chosen to throw most of its money behind it’s limited first party studios and only having them make sequels to their most popular games and trying to get timed DLC for the most popular games. Which takes away content from other gamers and Sony is guilty of this as well just not to the degree Microsoft is.

Sony’s Ideology: Broaden their first party studios even though its not the thing to do and put gamers first

All in all, I believe if Sony keeps their ideology of keeping gamers first they will more then likely be the number one console next generation. With the dollar stretching less and less nowadays gamers will be looking for a company that not only values them, but tries to put their needs first. Also I see certain advantages disappearing next generation for Microsoft. I’m pretty certain PS4 or Orbis will have cross game chat and an even slicker online user interface. So, either Xbox live will be free or Microsoft will be losing customers. I also believe the press has taken a liking to the way Sony operates its’ business for the most part and will probably call Microsoft out on charging for Live next generation if there are not compelling reasons to choose it over PSN. I hope Microsoft can come up with something to justify the price of Live. Also the reason Sony has so many fans defending them is because they have taken care of PS3 gamers the best they possibly could have this generation no matter the circumstance and in return PS3 gamers have defended Sony.





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    11. Double-standard or Bi-Polar Disorder. They will blame MS or Nintendo for propriety HD, but suddenly support Sony for Vita’s propriety flash memory. Milking Grand Turismo franchise is totally fine, but milking Halo franchise is a huge No. It’s OK for Sony to trick sales (newer SKUs every x year), but not so for Activision (newer CODs every y year).

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    Da GeeZ

    sony doesn’t care about gamers… FULL STOP.

    Don’t believe me? Well just take a look at sonys actions and response to the shocking PSN hacking episode. Did sony look after the gamers the moment they realized their cheap and unprofessional infrastructure had let out their ‘valued’ customers personal details? NO! Absolutely they did NOT. If they cared about the gamer, their customer, they would of instantly protected them. That’s what you’d expect if sony actually cared about their customers and the gamer. What did they actually do? HIDE THE FACT FOR OVER A WEEK(I think it might of been around 10 days off the top of my head). They protected themselves 1st… of that there is no doubt. They made sure to look after themselves not the customer.

    The whole PSN hacking shocker should send a clear message to all sony fan boys about sonys real loyalties… it’s to themselves.

    When the PSN hack happened… sony showed their true colors…. and they weren’t pretty.


    Lol check out the Sony haters! wahhhh wahhhh.
    Looking forward to the PS4 as I have been very happy with the way Sony
    has treated us fans with the PS3 so late in it’s life cycle and PS+ is the best value for money
    for any console gamer easily.

      Da GeeZ

      I doubt the ps4 is going to be released. You might think that’s a joke, but you should really be checking up the financial health of sony before you snigger and right off that comment.

      Have you seen the latest financial reports from sony?! They’re rapidly going into massive debt and business in all areas is slowly getting worse. It’s not a healthy company and hasn’t been for years. sony are still living in the mid-90’s to early 2000’s, completely ignorant and arrogant about their current global situation… they can’t face the fact that better companies are taking the lead and offering better products(Apple/Samsung/Microsoft/Nintendo). The whole company is dysfunctional to the core, it needs massive change to stay alive. But I don’t see the new leadership making these fundamental changes. sony can’t keep loosing millions upon millions each week/month for years on end.

      It’s crunch time for sony 2012-2013… and I don’t see ANY real change happening… pushing 4k TV’s isn’t going to save them(Samsung will beat them at that game)… pushing mediaplayers/phones ain’t going to save them(Apple/Google/Microsoft have beaten them soundly hear)… pushing a new console(Failstation4) isn’t going to work, the market is changing too fast for sony(ValveBox/Google consoles/Xbox720/WiiU… AppleConsole, won’t tablets resemble consoles in functionality soon anyway?). There’s just too much innovation and competition for sony to ever get back to it’s heyday.

      sony are going down…. it’s a DEAD COMPANY.


    Do they actually care? No, they do not. They are about the bottom line like just about any company. Why do I support them? Simple, the design philosophy of this company and my personal taste in a gaming console are aligned.

    Why did I jump ship on Nintendo? They no longer met my desires and it bothered me how they immediately dropped support for the GameCube. Sony is about making money and I am about playing compelling games that offer deep and challenging gameplay and decent story (with free online play).

    Where is the middle ground guys? It’s not about them… it’s not about the company. It is about YOU.

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