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Hey Playstation and Sony fans,

I’m Shamarri and I would like to make a website for us, hardcore Sony and PlayStation fans can come to get Sony new, reviews, previews and articles, But I mainly want to provide a place where PlayStation gamers can come to find out how furthering themselves in the Sony ecosystem can benefit their gaming. But I also want to benefit long time Sony  fans who subscribe to the Sony ecosystem like myself, who are looking for a more in-depth analysis of Sony products and technologies and how they benefit their gaming experience.

I will mainly focus on the small things that Sony provides that most sites gloss over:

For instance  Sony Technologies like Motionflow, which is an amazing piece of technology that Sony provides with its TV’s. This is a mode that enhances the framerate of the TV and could have a positive or negative effect on one’s gaming experience . And that’s just one technology that Sony provides that can enhance your game.

Do you find yourself wondering how your game will sound through your hometheater system or through your brand new pair of Sony Pulse WIreless Stereo headset?  Or do you want to know how PlayStation Mobile differs on the Vita Vs. the Xperia Play? Then this site is also for you because I will give a detailed analysis of how having a hometheater or headset will enhance your gaming on PlayStation platforms. And the difference between the PlayStation Mobile on Vita Vs. Xperia Play

Why am I doing this?

I believe this will provide a point of reference for gamers knowing the type of equipment I’m using. We all know just like games all electronics are not created equally. So by providing this point of reference gamers with a similar set up will know what to expect and those with a different set-up will know what they are missing.

Another reason is because Sony TV’s and components are probably what a lot of Sony first Party studios use in the development process of creating their games. So for purity’s sake and developers intent I think it’s a good idea.

So if you’re looking for that Sony Factor then stay tuned to the site as it goes there and more. Also I will be fair as possible, I know how the bigger gaming media sites are.